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Shaking table Vésuve

It is the first table to be of service in the laboratory in 1969 and renovated in 1976. Mono-axial horizontal, its course is 200 mm long. Its plate in aluminium has a payload of 20 tons. Six mechanical rungs ensure its leading until 70 Hz. This table is mainly used to do research and development testings.


Technical sheet

Geometry and performances of table Vésuve
Dimensions of table 3.8 x 3.1 m
Mass of table 4 tons
Maximum mass of specimen 20 tons
Maximum height of the specimen 12 m
Excitement axis Mono-axial
1 degree of freedom
Strength of actuator 350 kN
Maximum displacement ± 100 mm
Maximum speed Seism: 1 m/s
Sinus: 1 m/s
Maximum acceleration (specimen: 20 tons) 1.2 g
Excitement frequencies 0 to 100 Hz