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Presentation of the testing facilities

Azalée table

Azalée is the largest shaking table in the world outside Japan. Established in 1991, it is used to test large-dimension and very heavy (up to 100 tons) samples.

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Tournesol table

Set up in 1976, the bi-axis (horizontal - vertical) Tournesol table enables specimen endowed with an up-to-10-ton mass to be submitted to mono or bi-axis dynamic excitements.

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Mimosa table

Testing of reduced scale models is performed thanks to the Mimosa table. This mono-axis table is 2x2 m and supports a maximal load of 10 tons. It is specially used for high-frequency tests (up to 200 Hz) on equipments.

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Vésuve table

First shaking table to be of service at the CEA in 1969 and renovated in 1976, the Vésuve table features a 4-ton aluminium alloy plate driven by runners. Its 350 kN actuator allows proceeding with dynamic horizontal-axis tests upon specimen up to 20 tons.

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Iris pit

The 15 m deep Iris testing pit with a 4.2x4.2 m hexagonal section makes possible the testing of large height filiform equipments such as nuclear reactor control rods. Actuators fixed to the pit partitions allow the structure to be requested radially. For the vertical excitement, an actuator is placed under the structure.

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