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Shaking table Mimosa

Set up in 1982, Mimosa is a mono-axial vibrating table of 2x2 m. Its payload is 10 tons. It is activated by a high-frequency actuator allowing to perform tests up to 300 Hz. The actuator course is limited to +/- 2 in. (+/- 12.5 mm). This table has been specially studied for tests on reduced scale models.


Technical sheet

Geometry and performances of table Mimosa
Dimensions of table 2x2 m
Mass of table 1 ton
Maximum mass of specimen 10 tons
Maximum height of the specimen 12 m
Excitement axis Mono-axial
1 degree of freedom
Strength of actuator 500 kN
Maximum displacement ± 12.5 mm
Maximum speed 0.6 m/s
Maximum acceleration (specimen: 10 tons) 4 g
Excitement frequencies 0 to 300 Hz