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Shaking table Azalée

The largest shaking table in Europe

With 6x6 m dimensions, this table, put in service in 1990, is utilized to test large-dimension specimen with an important mass (up to 100 tons). Eight hydraulic actuators, each can provide a maximum dynamic strength of 100 tons, authorize tri-dimension excitements to be performes.


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Technical sheet

Geometry and performances of table Azalée
Dimensions of table 6x6 m
Mass of table 25 tons
Maximum mass of specimen 100 tons
Maximum height of the specimen 12 m
Excitement axis Tri-axial
6 degrees of freedom
Strength of actuators X: 2 x 1000 kN
Y: 2 x 1000 kN
Z: 4 x 1000 kN
Maximum displacement X ± 125 mm
Y ± 125 mm
Z ± 100 mm
Maximum speed Seism: 1 m/s
Sinus: 0.7 m/s
Maximum acceleration (specimen: 100 tons) 1 g
Excitement frequencies 0 to 100 Hz