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Presentation of CAST3M

CAST3M is a computer code for structure analysis using the finite elements method. At the beginning, this code has been developed by the Department of Modelisation of Sytems and Structures (DM2S) of the CEA.

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General presentation

The development of CAST3M enters the framework of an activity of Mechanics research. It is a system designed and developed so as to overcome the hurdles of adaptability provided by conventional codes. It can be used as support for design, dimensionning and analysis of structures and components. It presents a complete systeme, integrating the calculation functions thumselves and functions of model construction (pre-processor) and result processing (post-processor).

On the contrary of other systems, made to solve some defined problems, CAST3M is a programme the user can adapt to his/her own needs: he/she can build by himself/herself a new application or even customize and complete the offered system.

In practical, the programme is made of a set of elementary operators and objects. Each operator is attributed to the execution of one unique operation. The manipulation of objects and operator authorize the modification or creation of new applications. Those are build in a specific language: GIBIANE.

CAST3M enables the processing of linear elasticity problems in the static and dynamic fields (eigenvalues extraction), thermal problems, non linear static problems (elasto-visco-plasticity), non linear dynamic problems (plasticity, shocks...), fluid-structure coupled problems, etc...

For further information, please visit the Web site of CAST3M.