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The use of CAST3M in the laboratory

The activity of the laboratory is not limited to the realisation of tests. The calculation code CAST3M authorizes pre-dimensioning computations and interpretation computations of tests and R&D numerical simulations on structures submitted to seismic loadings.

Utilization fields


2D, 3D, girders, hulls, pipes, multilayers, joint elements, etc.

Behavior laws

Elastic, linear or non-linear, isotropic, cinematic, orthotropic...
Plasticity, damaging, creeping, shocks ...
Local and global behavior laws of concrete...

Geometric nonlinearities

Large displacements, large deformations, contact, friction, buckling...

Studies done

Static and dynamic, linear or non-linear analysis
Seismic analysis, vibratory analysis
Euler buckling
Branching calculations by non-linear methods
Thermal calculations
Thermal-mechanical coupling